Educational Initiatives

High School Initiatives

ADG aims to raise awareness of the vital issues facing Artsakh today through a comprehensive High School educational program in both private Armenian schools and Southern California public highschools. Our curriculum includes a short documentary on: the history of Artsakh; the Indigenous Armenian population of Artsakh; and the current socio-economic hardships facing Armenians in Artsakh today. The documentary is followed by a short talk and a question and answer discussion where students can learn how they can get involved in helping build a strong, viable and prosperous Artsakh. If you are interested in having ADG speak at your high school please contact Lucy DerTavitian for further information.

College Initiatives

ADG aims to raise awareness of the vital issues facing the population of Artsakh today by educating the Armenian community as well as the community at large on the historical, political and socio-economic issues pertaining to Artsakh. ADG’ college talks are conducted by scholars who have researched issues pertaining to Artsakh in the respective disciplines. If you are interested in setting up a conference ora talk at your college campus please contact Lucy DerTavitian at

University Initiatives

ADG has a strong relationship with various universities in Southern California, as we believe that the conflict in Artsakh can bestbe resolved through an educational platform where open dialogue and debate is fostered and encouraged. We hold conferences, talks and discussions on Artsakh on various campuses in Southern California. If you would like to coordinate an event with ADG please contact Lucy DerTavitian at

Church and Community Organizations

In addition to our high school, college and university educational initiatives ADG aims to bring awareness to issues pertaining to Artsakhin various Southern California community. If you are interested in organizing a talk and discussion with ADG at your church or community organizations please contact Lucy DerTavitian at


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